SMZcast #2: Terry Moore’s ECHO

In which I rave about Terry Moore’s amazing Echo comic book series.


SMZcast #2


Wondering where episode #1 is? It’s been recorded, but the quality is very poor. I haven’t decided whether to re-record it, or just release it as is. We shall see.

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One Response to “SMZcast #2: Terry Moore’s ECHO”

  1. Nick says:

    Great “first” episode. Echo is amazing, if you are fan of Moore’s writing in a non-sci-fi context, check out “Strangers in Paradise.” It’s one of the best/most loved graphic novel series of all. I got away from comics a long time ago, but there has been a ton of great indy comics in the last few years. Marvel is putting out some amazing stuff right now. I think you might enjoy “Y – The Last Man” from DC. Most of the Marvel Avengers titles and Captain America are great as well.